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Working in the corporate space? Think of your personal brand as your career insurance.

If you are an established corporate professional we can help accelerate your ambitions as an employee within your current working environment. Gain new momentum in this next phase of your career by building your personal brand. We know you do the graft, but there are other levers of your career that you need to manage to succeed.

If you're in the corporate environment you need to look after your personal brand. Clients often overlook the role and importance of their personal brand if they are an employee. I get it, you're busy delivering and sometimes looking after what you need to do comes last. Quite often we see new clients approaching us at a crunch point in their career, whether that is an unexpected change such as job re-profile, redundancy, exit package or personal shift. But the clients we have worked with agree that if you manage your personal brand proactively (before you really need it) then those unexpected shifts in your career can be more easeful and less daunting. Think of it as your career insurance you're managing your career with an overall strategy and less reliant on any one role or company. It also leads for more proactive annual review and personal development conversations at work because you know what you need from your employer.

Here are ways that we can help clients just like you:

  • Start building your personal brand

  • Clarifying your career strategy

  • Preparing for the interview and promotion track

  • 90 day impact plan for starting your new role with more ease

  • Increasing your visibility internally/externally

  • Build a better working week

  • LinkedIn personal brand support

  • In-house coaching, workshops and keynotes

  • Navigating personal shifts - motherhood, burnout.

  • Role support - work through your challenges at work with us so you don't need to take them to your boss.

Did you know that many of our corporate clients fund their coaching through their employer via staff and learning development funds, redundancy, onboarding or exit packages and professional/leadership/executive development. You can choose to self-fund or employer fund your coaching with us dependent upon your needs.

Hi! I'm Dr Sam Lynch. I'm a personal brand expert for high-achieving women and I want to help you unlock your career and business ambitions with more ease by working smarter.

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