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Dr Sam Lynch Academic Mentoring Series

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I'd love to be able to help during the current crisis we are facing, however my medical skills are non-existent. So, in recognition of that fact, I thought I could help out my fellow academics as we navigate our new way of working.

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For the next 4 weeks during the month of April 2020, I will be running free 30 minute mentoring sessions for academics.

Whatever stage you are at on your academic career it's important to carve out time to reset and refocus. Looking back on your goals from January this year, how have they worked out for you so far? My mentoring sessions have been designed to provide structured support to help you accomplish your academic career goals and importantly enjoy achieving them along the way.

"Samantha... supported me through mentoring. We focused on many areas such as research, industry projects, personal branding and strategic planning. I highly recommend anyone working towards growing within academia in all areas to seek Samantha’s support."

Mentees often approach me because they are working in an institution where there isn't the time or resource for mentorship and guidance, or because sometimes they need someone who can look at things with an outside view. My career thus far has taught me a few tools and techniques to make academic/research life work more effectively, and perhaps you might find them useful for you too.

As it's an individual session it's up to you how you want to use the time. Here are some suggested topics I have covered in recent mentoring sessions:

  • Goal setting

  • Working towards research goals

  • Productivity and prioritisation

  • Work-life balance

  • Pause and reset

  • Idea development

  • Personal branding & website configuration

  • Exploring doctoral study

  • Career progression

  • Navigating challenges at work

  • Teaching & learning

Booking a session is easy just click the link here and you can choose a time to suit you - we'll meet via Zoom and times are UK/GMT based. See you soon!

Dr Sam

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