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Your 90 day strategy to create a great first impression in your new job

There is so much planning and preparation in the build-up to a job application and interview process it's surprising how little preparation people do when they actually get the new role. Here's our quick-fire strategy to build your personal brand in those early days of your new role.

Connect ahead of time

Reach out and connect with colleagues and team members across LinkedIn to make those initial introductions. It's a nice way to ease in and say hello and will save you time when you have to do introductions in those early weeks

Manage your diary

Your diary should not be open season. You might be the shiny new thing in the office but you must conserve energy during this period because the work honeymoon will be over in 12 weeks or less. Set boundaries in your diary and engage in assistance with support staff quickly so they can be your first point of defence.

Set clear goals of what you want to achieve for each of the first twelve weeks in your new role and also what you want to achieve within the first 90 days. This will help you focus on meeting the right people, firing up the right projects and not getting too bogged down in the minutiae that was left behind for you.

Your next steps...

For individuals - our personal brand coaching programme is bespoke so if you are starting a new role we can support you through tailored sessions to help you ease into your new role and create the right impact at speed here

Ready to jump in - view our webinar to learn more about our coaching here

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