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Do you find your to-do list out of control and lots of tasks and activities swirling in your brain. If you're a small business owner it can be lonely and you wear many hats. That's why we have implemented an easeful system to help clients get back on track both personally and professionally fast. This guide gets everything out of your head and into a structured way of working and you can implement straight away. A simple, no-fuss tool to get the job done well.  If you are struggling to manage all of your personal and business to-do list then this guide will help you get organised. This guide is part of our wider planning framework which you can experience in our strategy sessions. 


Real Results 

This tool has been tried and tested by our clients. It's not rocket science, it's super simple (but the best things usually are). No more losing notebooks with tasks, forgetting that action you need to take on the move our tool captures it all. Before you create space to work on your business ambitions you need to get your business in order. Take a fresh approach to managing your never-ending to do list and create more space to hit your biggest goals.


Get productive but with flexibility

This isn't some sort of time management or time blocking framework. This tool is one that can flex as your day unfolds. Think of it as your HQ for business tasks and priorities that is customised to you. 


The best part

Our small business clients love this template - particularly those who are solo business owners in the earlier stages of their business journey. Clients who have purchased this have gone onto book a business strategy session. In these sessions we work with you to rebuild tyour working year and help you get back in control. In our strategy sessions, we support you in building more ease into your everyday. As you work on this you then create more space to achieve your revenue goals but also enjoy the process rather than feeling burned out. 


Build a Better Working Week Guide

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  • The guide is particularly helpful for users of Gmail and google more generally but you can still implement this if you are a non gmail user. The guide is aimed at female solo business of small businesses. If you are juggling a lot both personally and professionally then this is the guide for you.

"Thanks to Sam I now appreciate my personal and professional value and have a clear path forward in what I want to achieve professionally. Sam has helped me secure a promotion to a more senior role."

Jo, Corporate Leader & Non-Executive Director

About Dr Sam Lynch

We’re here to help brilliant women unlock their career &
business ambitions.

I leverage 20 years of professional experience as a marketer, senior academic and business innovation lead to provide you with coaching, tools & strategies you need to find clarity in your career and business journey. 

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