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Strategies for Building a Powerful Personal Brand as a High-Achieving Woman

If you want to unlock your ambitions it's time to build your personal brand. In this post, we explain three key strategies to kick-start your personal brand.

Be clear on the value that you bring to the table

Whether you are a business or corporate employee your personal branding is all about giving customers, clients, and stakeholders a reason to choose you whether that be for a contract for new business or a promotion. You need to indicate your unique value. While your role or business might be easily replicable - what makes people choose you over anyone else. If you struggle with this it's time to think about your strengths. As high-achieving women we can often be so focused on our failings, being focused on critiquing what we are not good at and where we have fallen short it is also important that you give the same amount of effort and attention as to what you are good at.

Clarity in what you want

Building your personal brand is all about knowing your long-term direction of travel when it comes to your career or business. It's about being clear on what you really want and ensuring your day-to-day decision-making within your professional life edges you closer towards that path. If you're not quite sure what success looks like now might be the time to embark on coaching or strategy to help you work through that.

Mindset - knowing your worth

Personal branding is all about mindset. It's about thinking about how you want to come across to others, how you want to operate when faced with a negotiation or pressured situation and it's about taking back the confidence. When interviewing for a promotion or job - remember you are interviewing the organisation as much as they are you. It's about knowing your worth. It's about being clear on what you have delivered and being able to recall that with ease. For high-achieving women it is often your mindset that is the biggest blocker in the way of your own ambitions.

Hi! I'm Dr Sam Lynch. I'm a personal brand expert for high-achieving women and I want to help you unlock your career and business ambitions.

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